Ready to roll.

New interface. New software. Both built with the driver in mind.

Let the Cobra 8500 Pro HD ride shotgun in your cab. It keeps real-time watch over the road so you don’t miss a thing—including lane closures, updated fuel prices and weather forecasts. So you can get the job done, like never before.

Lose the word "lost."

The best routes, in real time, are now at your fingertips.

The Cobra 8500 Pro HD’s tier 1 maps are shared with you from trusted sources—and are automatically updated for life. So you’ll never need to worry about getting bad or incomplete directions, as long as you’ve got this trusty device by your side.

Don’t let price hikes get you down.

Find the best diesel prices in any area with a single search.

Need the latest diesel fuel prices? No problem—with the Cobra 8500 Pro HD at your side. No matter which town you and your rig are rolling through, you’ll find the best rates from the comfort of your own cab.

Weather the storm.

Live weather services keep you one step (and several miles) ahead.

Sometimes you can tell a storm’s coming. But other times, you might end up driving right into one. With the Cobra 8500 Pro HD on your dash, you’ll get current conditions, forecasts and severe weather warnings the minute they’re issued—so you can stay safe out there.

Get out of a jam.

Live and predictive traffic routes keep you on schedule.

With the Cobra 8500 Pro HD, there’s someone riding shotgun who knows the roads even better than you do. Route around delays, backups and congestion—and keep on moving.

ELD Compatible

ELD Compatible.

So You Won't Have To Upgrade Later.

ELD Compatible

Electronic Logging Device (ELD) compatible with the new Cobra RapidLogTM ELD 350 (coming soon).